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Our Bonsai, both original Japanese and native grown, are suitable for numerous climate zones. Long years of cultivating and caring for these living sculptures, as well as cooperating with traditional Japanese bonsai farms, assure you the highest standard of quality.


Art and tradition combined in a single sculpture. It takes years of thinning, pruning and shaping to realize the ideal bonsai form.


Visit us and experience these living sculptures at our three production sites.


We offer a wide range of unique bonsai. Devotedly grown and pruned in both Japan and our nursery.


We hand-select every plant. Regular visits to the Japanese production sites account for the best assortment of our original Japanese Bonsai.


Our original Japanese bonsai from Niwaki Art© are locally cultivated in small family businesses and pruned with the techniques and the knowledge of generations of bonsai gardeners.


After shipping all bonsai go into temporary quarantine to ensure their well being.

Our Standard

The bonsai gardener prunes his trees with the utmost subtlety and patience to create their characteristic shape. We serve you with the same devotion to ensure that all your dreams and wishes are met.


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